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This may start off sounding like a sad story, but really it's a story about things coming to be:  In the fall of 2015, I had one of my final and most meaningful conversations with my mother. We talked about my life, future, and dreams, all things I wish I had shared with her more before she passed away later that year. Included in that vision was what I believed the theatre scene in Raleigh could become and what role I thought I could play in its development. Though unnamed at the time, and little more than the words I was saying to my mother, Aggregate Theatre Company is the beginning of that vision coming to fruition. 

Raleigh is a growing city, boasting an increasingly younger population and a progressively more vibrant and viable art scene. Despite this, a vast majority of the people I know and love rarely-to-never list theatre among their options for entertainment, art consumption, or as part of their plans when going out or going downtown. Why not?! Theatre is awesome! If people aren't regularly turning to theatre, then we're doing it wrong. Aggregate Theatre Company was created with the intent to pursue, entice, cultivate, and grow a younger, broader, more diverse, more engaged theatre audience in the Oak City. In order to sustain theatre into the future and benefit from the ways theatre can create more informed, personal, and understanding communities, we must find ways to expand our impact and engage the next generation (and the next) in a way that inspires them to seek out theatre in the years to come. Aggregate Theatre Company will troubleshoot ways of reaching a new audience in hopes of finding a more effective model for bringing in those who have disengaged with theatre, offering them a palpable, immediate, and provoking experience that only theatre can provide.

I ask you to join me in realizing this vision.

Matthew Hager

Owner, Aggregate Theatre Company, LLC

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