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Current In-School Productions
(Intended for Youth Audiences)

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Giselle la Trent the Gazellephant
Book, music, and lyrics by Matthew Hager

Half gazelle.  Half elephant.  100% Rockstar:  On her first day at a new school, Giselle finds out the other students aren't exactly her biggest fans.  Her teacher, Ms. Pronunciation, tries to help, but is distracted by her own issues.  After a contentious rockstar showdown, Giselle learns lessons on conflict resolution, self-acceptance, and following your dreams.


Midsummer Experience Poster Image.jpg

The Midsummer Experience
By William Shakespeare, Adapted by Matthew Hager

Six actors and a narrator take audiences on a madcap dash through Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Filled with audience participation, ridiculous physical comedy, poignant moments, and lessons on how to understand Shakespeare, The Midsummer Experience is an accessible and riotous crash course on one of the Bard's most popular plays.

Billy Goats Gruff Logo 2024.jpg

Coming Fall 2024!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Book, music, and lyrics by Matthew Hager

In this musical adaptation of the beloved folktale, Mama Gruff works all day, which leaves the three Gruff kids to argue. Gigi, the youngest, has had enough of her brothers and runs away. Soon, she encounters the troll that lives under the bridge! Gigi's brothers, Bart and Milton, worry when their sister doesn’t return, so they go out in search of her…on “the other side.” It is a heart-warming story of sibling relationships, getting along with others, and finding a place at home.

Current Mainstage Production
(Intended for Mature Audiences)

No adult productions are currently scheduled.  Stay tuned for our next offering!

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